‘COMPUTER’ Application in Publishing

Computer used in ‘publishing’ field  as given below;

  • Computer has a great part in printing books as a printing machine.
  •  We also use ‘printers’* to get a hard print about any information,which we’ve taken from computer.
  •  We can easily add some images or symbols to our documents by computer.
  •   It,s easy to read a word-processed document than a hand-written one.
  • We can print out our documents & can make several copies of these.
  • Word-processing software automatically corrects our spellings & grammer mistakes.
  • With ‘desktop publishing’,we can creat page layouts for entire book on our personal computer.
  • We can use an ‘E-learning’ software to learn more easier than a book
  • Publishing by computer is a good source for less time consuming as compare to a hand-written publishing.
  • Any data published by computer can be easily send to others as compare to the other sources of postal.

*(Also an output device of computer)

Assigned by;

Muhammad Imran


Reg #: FA11- BBA-071



Mam.Ayesha Quraishi



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