‘COMPUTER’ Applications in Traveling

Uses of computers in the field of traveling are given below;

  • Computers are used in traveling for secheduling the railways & air flights.
  • We can book our air tickets or railway tickets by using computer.
  • We can make our hotel reservation online.
  • Pilots train on a software,which simmulate flying.
  • Whenever we travel by air,we can easily analyze & predict weather conditions by computer.
  • We can easily determine the distance b/w two cities or countries before traveling.
  • We can determine any visit station in the world by using internet at computer.
  • By using ‘radar system’* we can easily control the movement of aeroplanes. 
  • Computer can be used for storing data about passengers,who are travelling & in any case of acciedent we can easily trace any information about any passenger.
  • Now a days,’Embeded Computers’ are used in auto-mobiles,which saves our life in any case of acciedent.

*(Also a computer system)

Assigned by;

Muhammad Imran





Mam.Ayesha Quraishi




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